#BTCM2017: Impressions from the Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference at the Blockchain-Hotel Essen

BTC-ECHO was last weekend (15.09 and 16.09) at the Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup #BTCM2017 at the Blockchain-Hotel Essen. During the two-day event we were able to gather many interesting impressions and talk to top speakers from the Blockchain sector – we don’t want to deny you that. A video report with many interesting interviews follows. A review of the #BTCM2017.

Friday morning started after a delicious breakfast in an unbiased atmosphere with some top speakers, including Oliver Flasskämper: Oliver Flasskämper from Bitcoin.de, Andrei Martchouk from KI Dezentralized (both in interview with BTC-ECHO), Friedemann Brenneis (Coinspondent) and Jason King from Unsung.

Unsung – Decentralization Fights Hunger

Unsung has made it his business to actively fight hunger. The operator Jason King introduced the situation in the USA, which does not differ so much from our European situation: There is enough food, tons of food are disposed of every day and yet there are still people who cannot regularly buy healthy food due to their low income or other reasons.

Instead of storing donated food in large warehouses, King came up with the idea of picking it up directly from the donor and bringing it to the next person in need. Decentralization saves time and money. Monetary donations can also be accepted. Of course, we don’t need a donation account for this anymore: King accepts donations in the form of Bitcoin or Ether!

TYKN – Secure the birth cure on the Blockchain

It is the most important document in life: the birth certificate. It connects an identity with a person, provides information about age, origin and ancestry. According to TYKN’s Tey ElRjula, terrorist groups always aim to destroy such documents when taking over cities. As soon as the documents are extinguished, the victims are practically stateless and at the mercy of a gauntlet for new documents.

ElRjula himself has come a long way: the Syrian had to flee through several North African states before finally arriving in the Netherlands. Today he is fully integrated, speaks Dutch, has a job, a home and a dog. On his driver’s license it says under place of birth: obekend – Dutch for: unknown.

Even today, a person’s most vulnerable document is still issued manually. TYKN wants to change that: With the connection to the Ethereum or Hyperledger blockchain, identities are to be secured once and for all, so that nobody has to be considered homeless anymore.

Liberland – a new country in freedom
Vít Jedlicka is actually Czech. His idea was to change the world for the better from an early age. He was active in Czech politics and even reached the European level. But in the end, according to his own statements, he remarked that he would never change the basic structures. In response to this realization, he joined forces with a few to found Liberland.

Liberland is a young country between Croatia and Serbia that has existed since 2015. It is not internationally recognized, but high politicians from the USA and other states want to support Liberland. The small country could only be founded by Croatia and Serbia not claiming this small island in the Danube for themselves and assigning the property to the other.

Liberland is to become a tax haven. Through a very liberal approach, President Jedlicka wants to privatize all parts of the state of Liberland: Police, administration, health care, trade and much more.

With a digital administration inspired by Estonia, the state should give its citizens absolute freedom. According to the Liberland motto: „Live and let live“.